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St Jude’s Players Announce AUDITIONS

Saturday, November 26, 2-6 pm

A HARD GOD, by Peter Kenna

A November 2024 production, Directed by Harry Dewar

A Hard God is an immersive family drama set in Sydney in 1946. It tells the story of the Cassidys, three working class Irish-Australian brothers and their families, struggling to reconcile their faith with the harsh realities of post-war life.

Middle brother Dan and his wife Aggie suffered most during the Great Depression, but now have become the rock on which the rest of the family depends. As each brother struggles to navigate conflict and adversity, a younger Cassidy is confronted by the realisation of his deep attraction to his best mate and the crisis of faith this brings.

When unexpected tragedy strikes, the conflict and upheaval that ensues results in circumstances that make for gripping family drama, with events as topical today as in the 1940s.



The characters inhabit a working-class environment in western Sydney in 1946. They are Catholics. All are Australian, with appropriate accents, but the three Cassidy brothers have a slight Irish lilt, having been raised in relative isolation in the bush by their Irish Catholic parents.



Late 50s, the eldest of the three Cassidy brothers. Has had money in the past but now works as a labourer after spending time in prison. A political Catholic and an anti-communist activist. Given to philosophising and writing poetry. Suffers a sort of PTSD following the death of his little son many years earlier.



Early 50s, the youngest of the three Cassidy brothers. A small man both physically and in moral fibre. Argumentative and a coward. Unhappily married to Sophie (Sophie is an offstage voice-only character), who dominates him mercilessly.



Male 16, the youngest of Dan and Aggie’s children. Slight build and somewhat feminine in appearance. Lonely, intense and desperate to be liked. Becomes closely attached to Jack Shannon.



Male 16, an orphan who lives with his aunt. Quite handsome and more rugged and physical than Joe. Brooding but given to sudden extrovert outbursts.




A gentle, courteous, working man in his late 50s.Cares deeply for his family and shows real concern for his brothers and their troubled lives. Has a strong faith and love for his church without being rigid or judgmental.



Female early 50s.Married to Dan whom she worships. Sharp tempered, skeptical of others, particularly her husband’s extended family. Her focus in life is caring for her husband and children and protecting Dan from his brothers.



Female mid-50s. Martin’s wife/widow. Excessively devout and obsessed with her Catholicism. Humourless and judgemental but willing to exploit others.



For your audition, please prepare a dramatic monologue of up to 5 minutes that demonstrates your ability to play a naturalistic character with some degree of depth and emotion. It may be from A HARD GOD, but not necessarily. You may be asked to repeat it with some direction. We will also do some reading from A HARD GOD.



Saturday November 26, 2pm-6pm.

St Jude’s Hall, 444 Brighton Road, Brighton.

Auditionees will be seen individually by appointment only.

Audition places booked through TRYbooking. For further information please contact the Director, Harry Dewar on 0421 366 101 or email


November 7-9 and 14-16, 2024