St Jude's Players Awards

The following are awards that are presented to people who have made valuable contributions to St. Jude's Players Inc.   We are in the process of building this to include all people who have been awarded Life Memberships and other awards by St. Jude's Players, thanks for your patience.

Life Membership

At the discretion of the Committee, members who have contributed to the Players in some major way over a number of years may have Life Membership conferred upon them. This is the Players' way of saying "Thank You" for sustained long service in whatever capacity, whether on the stage or behind the scenes (or in the box office!).

Life Members

  • Leigh Wheatley (2020)
  • Teresa Zetlein (2015)
  • Ken Rollond (2015)
  • Anne Rollond (2015)
The 'Syb' Award

Each year the 'Syb' award is presented to the person who, in the opinion of Life Member Ms Sybil Woollard, has contributed the most to excellence and creative innovation in set construction. To date, the winners have been:

  • 2019 - Dean Taylor
  • 2018 - Jean O'Brien
  • 2017 - Lincoln Govert
  • 2016 - Keith Lord
  • 2015 - Don Oakley
  • 2014 - Peter Kopli
  • 2013 - Rod de'Hoedt
  • 2011 - Greg Barratt
  • 2010 - Fred Allen
  • 2009 - Normajeane Ohlsson
  • 2008 - John Grant
  • 2007 - Graham Chapman
Players Medallions

The Committee awards gold (well, gold-coloured) medallions each year (generally at the Players' Christmas party) to the directors of the season's productions, and to any other person considered to have gone 'above and beyond the call of duty' in the cause of the Players during the year.

  • 2016 Awardees
    • Geoff Brittain (Director When The Rain Stops Falling)
    • Les Zetlein (Director Boeing Boeing)
    • Brian Knott (Director Calendar Girls)
    • Chrissy Slater (Newcomers Award)
    • Andy Courts (Lighting and Backstage Work)
    • Myra Waddell (Costume Assistant)
    • Maxine Bowles (Costume Coordination Extraodinaire)
    • Eric (Stage Manager Over and Above the Call of Duty

  • 2015 Awardees
    • Vicky Horwood - (Director, With Love From the Trenches/Heroes)
    • Dave Simms - (Director, Einstein and the Polar Bear)
    • Mary-Jane Minear -  (Director, Soulmates)
    • Jill Wheatley - (Costumes)
    • Don Oakley -  (set construction and stage management)
    • Mary-Jane Minear - (ticket bookings)
    • Andrew Horwood - (general assistance).
TASA Awards

Theatre Association of South Australia award TheatriCAL yearly.
We have been nominated for many awards but delighted to receive the following.

  • We won the 2019 TASA Award – Best Female Performance Best Female Performance Zanny Edhouse “Things I know to be True” Directed by Geoff Brittain.
  • Previous nominations include