A poignant comedy by Tom Griffin

Gerald Sibleyras' warm and poignant comedy Heroes (translated by Tom Stoppard) is set in a French military retirement home in 1959 where three veterans of the first World War, Gustave, Philippe and Henri, reside. One is an idealist, one a pragmatist, and the other a fence-sitter. Their days are spent sitting on the terrace, overlooking a beautiful view of the poplar trees and beyond. Each day is taken up with reminiscing about old battles and planning their escape from the home—could today be the day they do?

As this is a continuous piece the Director (Vicky Horwood) has written a moving prologue called With Love From the Trenches, focussing on letters written between a mother and her soldier son fighting in France during the dark days of 1916. Vicky has used some authentic material from her paternal grandfather, who sadly died in Egypt from wounds sustained in battle in 1917. She is dedicating this piece to him and to all who died in the 'war to end all wars'. Fittingly, these two pieces are being staged around Anzac Day, marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the Gallipoli campaign. Please note that the excerpts from the letters and the linking poems will be read, not memorised. This is what the author intended.

Director: Vicky Horwood

Cast: Brian Knott, Andrew Horwood and David Rapkin.

With Love From the Trenches - Anna Pike, Russell Starke, Hal Bruce.

Note: Occasional mild adult language. Suitable for ages 15+


Thursday 30 April @ 8pm

Friday 1 May @ 8pm

Saturday 2 May @ 2pm and 8pm

Wednesday 6 May @ 8pm

Thursday 7 May @ 8pm

Friday 8 May @ 8pm

Saturday 9 May @ 2pm and 8pm


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