Memberships & Subscriptions

St Jude’s Players Membership

If you wish to become more involved in the St Jude’s Players’ activities, you can become a member for an annual fee of $20. Membership entitles you to:

  • A special function at the beginning of each year’s programme
  • Attendance at all activities
  • The right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to have a voice in the general running of the Players
  • The opportunity to become a Committee member
  • A copy of our newsletter Spotlight
  • A double complimentary ticket to productions in which you have been personally involved (whether on-stage, behind the scenes or front of house).

St Jude’s Players Subscriptions

A subscription to St Jude’s Players Inc. gives you access to discounted show tickets and is a great way to support the St. Jude’s Players.

  • Entitles you to a reduced-price ticket for all three major productions during any one calendar year.
  • Our newsletter Spotlight is available to all people taking out a subscription.
  •  You get preferential treatment when booking your seat(s).

The subscription is $60 per year and you receive a booklet containing three vouchers for use over a season of three major productions. The vouchers can be used for any or all of the productions. The concession price (available to Pensioners/Seniors/Students) is $45 per year.

Postal Address:

St Jude’s Players Inc. PO Box 52