Playing Sinatra

Playing Sinatra

Sandra and Norman Lewis are not what you'd call a normal couple (although what is normal these days?). Norman, an agoraphobic bookbinder, stays at home all day while Sandra goes out to work, although she says she's about to quit her tedious office job. They live in a dilapidated old house in Streatham, London. They are both obsessed with Frank Sinatra, playing his records constantly and also testing each other with Sinatra trivia.

Theirs is a lonely, dull and hidden existence -- or it was, until Phillip, whom Sandra met in a library, arrives on the scene and disturbs their fantasy world. Sandra has dreams of finding freedom from Norman with Phillip, but Norman reacts in an unexpected way...

This intriguing, darkly humorous, psychological drama has twists and turns galore and originally opened to rave reviews in London in 1991. Director Geoff Brittain says:

"I like the play because it has three strong roles which means the actors have to work hard to create really believable characters. It is what I would call an actors play - I think actors relish these type of roles and they don't come around too often.

Also the play itself keeps the audience thinking all the time - nothing is clear-cut or what it seems.

So together with the actors and the script we can add an interesting atmospheric set to the mix and hopefully come up with a mysterious, thrilling, thought-provoking and enjoyable production."

Geoff has assembled a strong cast of talented actors for his production: Anthony Clapp as Norman, Cheryl Douglas as Sandra, and Andrew Horwood as Phillip.

You can see some rehearsal photos here.


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