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Set in the 1940's, during the most vulnerable point in her career, a leading lady of the time, Margo Channing, encounters an aspiring young actress, Eve Harrington, who ingratiates herself into the lives of the most successful theatre practitioners in town - Lloyd Richards, Bill Sampson & Max Fabian. The Broadway star and her circle of friends; best friend Karen Richards & frenemy Addison Dewitt, all quickly descend into acts of sabotage, manipulation and paranoia, whilst Eve calculates her way to the top.


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A funny and touching play about art, aging and friendship, Mr Bailey's Minder is written by Debra Oswald. In a fabulous hovel in a sandstone cliff overlooking Sydney Harbour, famous artist Leo Bailey is perpetually pissed and seemingly unable to look after himself. Then someone on her own last chance turns up at his door.